Download Walton Primo E8i USB Driver CDC, АЛКАТЕЛ, АЛКАТЕЛ

You are here because you are an owner of Walton Primo E8i mobile and looking out for usb drivers to connect your device to the computer / АЛКАТЕЛ, АЛКАТЕЛ. АЛКАТЕЛ, АЛКАТЕЛ (АЛКАТЕЛ), Инструменты, АЛКАТЕЛ. Download Walton Primo E8i USB driver from here, install it on your computer and connect your device with PC or Laptop successfully.

There are 3 usb driver available for your device. 2 of them can be used to flash the stock firmware on your Mediatek Device and Last ADB is for normal connecting the device to the computer/PC.

Note it:

If you got Driver Signature Error When installing the Driver then See this Video to fix this problem.

If you are trying to flash stock firmware on your device then download CDC and VCOM Driver Only. ADB Driver will not work for flashing the stock firmware.

Download Walton Primo E8i Spreadtrum driver For Flashing Firmware

Download Walton Primo E8i ADB driver For Normal Connecting


How To Install Walton Primo E8i ADB Driver In Computer / АЛКАТЕЛ:

Шаг 1: first Download ADB driver zip file (from the link given above) and extract/unzip it to a folder on your computer desktop.

Шаг 2: Then, open “Диспетчер устройств” on your computer and follow this path: Action -> Add Legacy Hardware.

Шаг 3: Once you click on “Add Legacy Hardware«, a “Add Hardware Wizard” window will open up. Click on “Следующий” to continue with the installation of ADB USB driver.

Шаг 4: Теперь выберите «Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Передовой)” option and click on “Следующий«.

Шаг 5: Net choose 1st option “Show All Devices»И нажмите«Следующий«.

Шаг 6: Здесь, we need to select the device driver that we want to install on PC.

click/Tap on “Have Disk” button and browse the folder where(desktop) you have extracted the device ADB USB driver.

Шаг 7: нажмите на "Следующий” to start install Android ADB Interface on your computer.

Шаг 8: If a Windows prompt window shows up asking for a confirmation to install the device software, just click on “Установить«. Once the installation process is completed, нажмите на "Заканчивать” to close the “Add Hardware Wizard«.

This below image is the final step.

Вот и все. successfully installed ADB USB driver on your computer.

How To Install Walton Primo E8i CDC and АЛКАТЕЛ Driver In Computer:

Here are steps to follow installation, 8th step may ask in some case only.

  1. Download the CDC Drivers and Unzip the file on your desktop
  2. открыть Диспетчер устройств
  3. Click on add the legacy hardware
  4. After That Click on next
  5. choose to Установите оборудование, которое я выбираю вручную из списка (Передовой)
  6. click on next
  7. choose Показать все устройства and click on next
  8. select usb2ser_Win7 for 32 bit or Choose usb2ser_Win764 for 64 bit (this step for VCOM Driver)
  9. click Следующий again
  10. Select Заканчивать

How To Install Qualcomm Driver In Computer

  1. Download the Qualcomm Driver and Unzip the file on your desktop
  2. открыть the setup file
  3. After That Click on next
  4. Select I accept the terms in the license agreement and click on next
  5. click Установить
  6. Select Заканчивать

Supported Operating Systems 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64)

  • Windows
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 10

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