Download Startek FM220U 2022 Biometric RD DRIVERS, Software

This is Registered Device Service (L0) for Startek fingerprint scanner model FM220U provided by Access Computech Pvt Ltd.

This application is required to use device with AADHAAR authentication. This application captures Fingerprint as per UIDAI guidelines for Aadhar Authentication.

RD services for FM220U enable our customers and end users to register their Fingerprint devices with UIDAI with the help of our Management Server.

For registering your Finger print device, you shall require to be in possession of at least one unit of our FM220U FP device.

By launching the application and connecting the device, RD services shall complete the necessary processes for registering your device with the UIDAI.

Startek FM220U is STQC certified ergonomically designed, for the most ease while finger placement.
It has been made to withstand large amounts of shock even free fall from substantial height.

FM220 consumes the least power from the host
No flat surfaces to avoid deliberate or accidental damages

1Windows Certified RD service (STARTEK FM220U)Click to Download
2Windows support tools (STARTEK FM220U)Click to Download
3Android RD Service APP (Google Play Download)Click to Download
4Installation Guide for RD Service – WINDOWS PlatformClick to Download
5Android RD Service User ManualClick to Download
Startek FM220U Subscription Extension

Startek FM220U Device can be used using RD Service. In order to extend RD Service validity, you have to pay the amount as per your selected validity period. Sibscription amount as per validity period and bank details are given below.
FM220RD Rates for FM220 UOne Year: ₹ 100.00 + 18% GST : ₹ 118.00Lifetime: ₹ 300.00 + 18%

GST : ₹ 354.00 Extended Support/WarrantyOne Year: ₹ 150.00 + 18% GST : ₹ 177.00 FM220RD Rates for IrisOne Year: ₹ 400.00 + 18% GST : ₹ 472.00Lifetime: ₹ 1000.00 + 18% GST : ₹ 1180.00

Registered Device Services

 Android RD Service APP with FACE support (Direct Download)
 Android RD Service APP (Google Play Download)
 Windows Certified RD service (STARTEK FM220U)
 Windows support tools (STARTEK FM220U)
 Windows Certified RD Service For IRISHIELD Devices (IRIS DEVICES)
 Windows Support Tools For IRISHIELD Devices (IRIS DEVICES)

User Manual

 Android RD Service User Manual
 Manual To Install Certificate For RD Service HTTPS Web Call Setup In ANDROID
 Installation Guide for RD Service – WINDOWS Platform

Programmer Manual

 RD Service Response Error Code Manual
 Android RD Service Programmer Manual
 Windows RD Service Programmer Manual
 Test Web Page For FM220 Windows RD Service (HTTP & HTTPS)

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Startek FM220U RD Service Driver Download 2022

For Windows

Startek RD service (STARTEK FM220U)Download
Startek support tools DriverDownload
RD service with FACE supportDownload
support tools with FACE support (STARTEK FM220U)Download

For Android

Startek Android RD Service APP ( ACPL FM220 v2.0.3)Direct Download
Startek Android RD Service APP (ACPL FM220)Google Play Store Download

Startek FM220u User Manual Pdf

Startek Android RD Service Driver User ManualDownload
Manual To Install Certificate For RD Service HTTPS Web Setup In ANDROIDDownload
Startek RD Service Driver Installation Guide pdf for WINDOWSDownload

Startek fm220u driver download Link

 Startek RD Service Driver DOWNLOAD
 Startec Device Driver DOWNLOAD
 Startek RD Service Installation Manual pdf DOWNLOAD
 STARTEK Driver Installation Manual for Android (Startek FM220 – ACPL) DOWNLOAD

Startek fm220u RD Service driver setup installation Process

Startech driver after the download Step by step how to install will | Its complete process is given below. see this

  1. If a Startek RD service driver is already installed in the system, uninstall it first and only then install the new driver.
  2. Click on the link above and download the RD service driver
  3. extract the startek driver folder
  4. Now open the extracted folder
  5. Now install StarTek RD service driver and StarTek support tool driver one by one.
  6. Connect your startek device to the system after all drivers are installed
  7. Now your Startek device will be working, now you have successfully installed the RD service.

Startek fm220u service not working and troubleshooting

If it is not working even after successfully installing the driver, then follow the below procedure

  • Disable Antivirus protection
  • Clear Temp Files
  • Type  % temp% windows Search bar
  • Stop any other fingerprint device running in the service
  • Download Chrome for the latest version
  • Change the time and time zone in India

It has been told in this post that you guys will download and install Startek FM220 RD Service Driver. Complete information was given about this, hope you guys liked the post. Thank you

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